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Hayfever symptoms can ruin your summer.  This summer appears to be one of he worst for hayfever sufferers in a long time, having a negative effect on quality of life which, after the year gone we could all do without!


Hay fever is nasal inflammation caused by your immune system overreacting to allergens.  

A fast and easy treatment, the injection of the steroid Kenalog which is licensed in the UK to treat hayfever has proven to be effective with the relief normally lasting the full hayfever season (3 months).  The Kenalog injection suppresses the body’s response to pollen. The drug administered is completely safe and approved for use in the UK (the treatment was available from the NHS in the past and is routinely administered in other countries)


Treatment dose is dictated by weight

  • A single dose for those less than 60kg (9st 4lb)

  • A double dose is for people over 60kg (9st 4lb)


Treatment is fast with no downtime, administered into the top of the buttock and starts to work almost immediately! 


A full consultation will be carried out, but we ask you to read the manufacturer’s patient information leaflet here prior to attending, so that you are able to make an informed decision to have treatment, having considered all the risks, as with all medication.  

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