Pregnancy and motherhood are transitions in life that bring about huge changes to our lives, and our bodies.  Many women are amazed by the scope of change the body goes through and while some are happy with the changes it imparts on use some are not.


After several conversations and consultations with clients over time we have come to realise and understand that many women are unhappy with their postpartum bodies.  Expected to just embrace the changes that the blessing of carrying a child brings by much of society, we don’t always understand the extent of these changes.  Many women are unhappy with stubborn fatty deposits, loose skin, stretch marks, lack of tone, poor core stability, cellulite and crepey skin, not just in the immediate aftermath of birth but also further down the line when they've tried everything to recover, sometimes you need a bit of help.


As these same complaints have been repeated time and time again we have put together our “Mum Tum” packages to help women regain their confidence as we help restore and revive their post pregnancy body!


Each package has been crafted to suit different needs and goals.  We cater to those that are breastfeeding and those that are not.  Each package is designed to offer the very best treatments on the market in skin tightening, core stabilisation, fat reduction, skin rejuvenation, cellulite treatment and general wellbeing, you can read about each of the treatments listed for each package by scrolling through our aesthetic treatment pages .  


Please reach out to us regarding your specific concerns and we can guide you in the right direction when it comes to deciding what treatment will target your goals best.  We always require you to have a full consultation prior to starting any aesthetic treatment with us, these are available to book online (New Aesthetic Appointment) or feel free to call us and our reception team can take you through booking over the phone.