We specialise in two key areas: weight management and performance nutrition.


We use the latest science and accurate testing to calculate what will work for you then, translate it into simple plans to fit your lifestyle.



Full nutritional consultation to help support you towards a new goal.  This could be; training for a specific event, to gain, loose or maintain a certain weight and/or body composition.  


We will establish where you are now by conducting a full body composition analysis using state of the art ultrasound technology, triangulated with other key analyses to determine your exact lean mass and body fat measurements followed by a discussion about your current; diet, lifestyle and exercise habits. 

After your consultation, your bespoke plan will created and emailed to you. 




Scheduled 6 weeks after your initial meeting unless your goals dictate otherwise. 


At your follow up appointment an up to date body composition scan and measurements will be taken.  Amendments to your plan will be made and you have the opportunity during the 30 min follow up to discuss any queries you may have.